Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Cyborg Recruitment Project

A new novella is out with Loose Id, this one about a cyborg doctor and the cyborg to whom she returns "full sexual function." This one was a lot of fun to write. Thorgan, the cyborg, is an alpha male, but has his tender side--and he's just right for Jolie.

“How will I know that you’ve really fixed me?”

Jolie could feel her eyes widen even farther, and her gaze darted from side to side, but she saw only ancient cerastic benches and an outmoded entertainment console – no rescue. And that blush, the one she’d been trying to avoid through this whole interview, that blush made her face feel like it was on fire. “Uh, I think you should be able to tell in the…the usual way.”

He looked her up and down slowly. She was sure he was imagining her naked. A wicked, teasing smile spread over his craggy features, giving his face a sort of boyish charm. “My usual way is by having sex. With a woman.” He turned around and sat back down on his chair, made a steeple out of his fingers and looked at her over them. “At least that’s what I did before the Union put me out of commission six years ago. And it looks like you qualify. As a woman, I mean.”