Saturday, February 3, 2007

Good Writer, Bad Blogger

Well, at least I HOPE that I'm a good writer. It's pretty hard to really tell. People's standards are different, people like different things. So I have to rely on my own perceptions, and we know how unreliable that is. Anyway, this wasn't what I intended to blather on about. What I wanted to complain about was this damn blog.

As newbie author these days it seems like you're required to blog. They have this checklist, (and don't EVEN think of asking me who "they" is) and you have to go down the list: website --check, blog--check, newsletter--check. What if you're rotten at blogging or just plain don't have the time? I really don't understand how some of the people that I read when I'm wasting time do it. Are they all independently wealthy? Or do they just not need to sleep? When are you supposed to get all this done? I have a home, a husband, three sons, an extremely neglected house. They all take time too.

It's really too much to expect me to both write and come up with clever, interesting blog posts that will attract people to my rather boring complaints. We need a more efficient way of paying people for blogging, so that those who are good at blogging--and may suck at actually writing fiction--can make money at that, and the rest of us can go back to doing what WE are good at.

Is that enough for now? Can I stop and go back to drinking red wine (for the resveratrol ONLY, of course) and ... what WAS I doing anyway? Surfing? Ah, hell. Looking for paying work. That was it. No wonder I didn't want to remember...

(the eternally grumpy)