Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Just released -- The Dracans: A Matter of Choice

My latest release is out with Loose Id, "The Dracans: A Matter of Choice."

I created this world and the Dracan race when I started wondering how true pair-bonding in humans would work. A lot of paranormal romances depend on some form or another of "soulmates", "true mates", "mates" in which someone--usually the hero--has an "instinctive", irresistible, unchangeable recognition of the woman as his "mate". It's at the core of a lot of werewolf stories, shows up in many vampire stories, and is found everywhere in other paranormal subgenres. But these stories almost never deal with how this "bonding" works--I assume because it's pretty hard to come up with something believable. So by nature these types of pairbonds are almost always magical.

Being of a technical, logical bent (probably an unavoidable side effect of spending eighteen years programming) I tried to figure out how real pairbonding would work, using what we know about pairbonding in animals ... and a great deal of imagination. And it quickly became obvious to me that it wouldn't simplify relationships as much as many paranormal romances would have you believe. In fact, the more I thought about it, the more complications showed up.

Such complications provide lots of opportunities for interesting stories. The first to be published is "The Dracans: A Matter of Choice."


More stories will be forthcoming in the future, in the meantime ... Enjoy.